UWKSSA 한인학생회 (University of Wisconsin-Madison Korean Students and Scholars Association)
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UW-Madison Korean Students and Scholars Association CONSTITUTION (Ratified: August 1, 2011)

The name of the organization, hereafter referred to as the UWKSSA, shall be “The University of Wisconsin-Madison Korean Students and Scholars Association.”
The purpose of the UWKSSA is to promote academic interest in the Korean student and scholar community, to provide a vehicle for social activities, and to encourage fellowship among students and scholar members.
Section 1. Membership. Membership is open to all enrolled University of Wisconsin at Madison, hereinafter referred to as UW-Madison, students; scholars who are affiliated with the UW-Madison; staff and faculty who work for UW-Madison; and their family members who are interested in Korea and are committed to the purpose depicted in article II. Membership criteria, complies with the UW-System 30-6 Policy regarding non-discrimination, officer criteria, and provisions discussing how organizational decisions are made.
Membership is granted to all applicants who recognize this constitution and agree to fulfill its purpose to the best of his/her capabilities. Application to become a member is online and can be accessed when joining the organization website: at time of ratification www.uwkssa.org. Membership may be repudiated by the Executive Board if the applicant or member is or has the potential to impair the organization or its purpose. Membership is divided into two sections: Regular Member and Associate Member.
Section 2. Regular Member. Regular Members are limited to full-time-enrolled graduate students of UW-Madison. They are main body of the organization and have special rights and responsibilities apart from the general membership of the club. Regular Members can a) run for and, if elected, hold office, b) vote, c) call for meetings, and d) access information related to the organization.
Section 3. Associate Member. All members that are not Regular Members are Associated Members and have limited rights to office and voting.
Section 1. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, hereafter referred to as the Committee, is comprised of: President, General Manager, Chair(s) for External Affairs, and Chair(s) for IT and communication, and are elected as one committee.
Section 2. Appointed Officers and Staff. The Committee may appoint officers and hire interns in addition to those outlined in Section 1 to serve at any point in time during the elected term.
Section 3. Voting. Elections shall occur every year at a meeting, either in person or online, in March. All positions shall be for a term of one year starting from April 1st of the elected year to March 31st of the following year. Elections shall be based on candidate committees. The election must be adequately advertised by the outgoing officers at least a month in advance. Candidate committees must present a platform at two weeks before the election date. At least half of the members must be present in person or through a representative and each candidate committee must receive a majority vote to be elected. In the event that no candidate committee receives a majority, the candidate committee with the fewest votes will be eliminated from consideration, and the candidates will be voted on. Officers will take on responsibilities as outlined in Article VIII upon completion of the outgoing officers’ terms on March 31st.
Section 4. Rights and Responsibilities. The Executive Committee is the primary leadership of the Club. They are accordingly responsible for all general matters of the organization such as meetings, special events, publications, the Website, and all other matters related to the organization. They may delegate these responsibilities to other officers or members as they see fit.
Section 1. Definition. Meetings, as used throughout the Constitution, refer to both physical meetings and virtual meetings, which may take place over various communications technology such as e-mail, teleconference, and Web conference.
Section 2. Authority. The President shall have the power to call meetings if he/she deems it necessary or upon the request of ten or more members.
Section 3. Publicity. The President shall ensure adequate publicity of meetings at least one week in advance. For virtual meetings, this means that at least one week must pass after the virtual meeting for any resulting action to take place in order to give time for members to respond.
Section 4. Meeting Type. The President may indicate that the meeting be an Executive Committee, Regular Member, or General Body (all member) meeting.
Section 5. Attendance. Meetings shall be open in attendance to all members. The President, however, may decide on the agenda and topics to be discussed and members can freely decide if they wish to partake in the meetings.
Section 6. Executive Committee Meeting. Topics pertaining to general operations and issues that are mandated to the Executive Committee under this constitution are discussed.
Section 7. Regular Member Meeting. Topics that are above the authority of the Executive Committee, including elections and officer disciplinary meetings, are discussed. Only Regular Members are allowed to vote.
Section 8. General Meeting. Topics that the Executive Committee deems relevant to the organization as a whole, are discussed.
Section 1. Membership Dues. At the President’s discretion and approval by majority vote of the Regular Members, an annual membership fee may be requested of all members. The Executive Committee shall recommend rates and basis of the recommended rates and the Regular Member, by majority vote, shall determine if it is necessary and the rate of membership dues is adequate.
Section 2. Donations. The Executive Committee, on behalf of all members, may receive donations for special events and for operations relevant to the organizations activities. All financial management practices will be transparent and in accordance with the guidelines in the RSO Student Organization Handbook.
Section 3. Expenditure Authorization. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to authorize expenditures up to the sum of $1500. Authority to spend more than $1500 can only be given by a Regular Member meeting.
Section 4. Dissolution. In the event of dissolution of the UWKSSA, all financial assets shall be donated to UW-Madison.
Section 1. Amendment Meetings. Meetings at which amendments to the Constitution will be discussed and/or voted upon, shall be announced as such, and called according to Article V.
Section 2. Amendment Requirements. Constitutional amendments shall need two-thirds affirmative votes of those voting for its adoption. A valid constitutional amendment meeting requires at least half of the members present.
Section 3. Voting Requirements. Constitutional amendments shall only be discussed and voted on at Regular Member meetings.
Section 1. President. In general, the President is the leader, supervisor, and coordinator of all UWKSSA activities. More specifically, the President shall: a) preside over all meetings; b) call all meetings and announce them in accordance with Article V; c) appoint all ad hoc committees and/or positions as the need for them arises; d) in matters of general student concern, have the authority to act as a representative of the members of the UWKSSA in dealings with UW-Madison and other external organizations; e) work with the Executive Committee in developing programs and events; f) plan and execute yearly operations for his/her term; and g) serve as the representative and manager of the Executive Committee.
Section 2. General Manager. The General Manager shall: a) assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President, or, upon resignation of the President, shall assume the full responsibilities of the President until a new President is elected; b) assist the President in all matters of the organization; c) manage all financial issues, including the budget, fees, and donations; d) maintain accurate financial records, and periodically check their accuracy with the bank account; e) serve in an advisory capacity to the President and Executive Committee on all financial and other matters upon which his or her opinion is requested; f) cooperate with the Chair(s) which involve UWKSSA financially; g) make periodic reports upon request; and h) manage assets and amenities held by the organization.
Section 3. Chair(s) for External Affairs. The Chair(s) for External Affairs shall: a) manage communication with external organizations, especially hiring agents; b) assist external organizations in their efforts, including securing venues for functions, informing members about events, organizing meals, when deemed to benefit all members.
Section 4. Chair(s) for IT and Communication. The Chair(s) for IT and Communication shall: a) develop and maintain an informative Website (at the time of ratification, www.uwkssa.org); for the UWKSSA and b) serve as a first point of contact in the UWKSSA for all matters pertain to IT and communication.
Section 5. Other Nominated Officers and Staff. The Executive Committee may delegate partial duties to the Officers and Interns to improve efficiency in managing the organization. Neither the nominated Officers nor the Interns will be part of the Executive Committee.
This Constitution shall be effective upon ratification either by two-thirds affirmative votes of those voting for its adoption. Ratification of this Constitution shall serve to repeal all prior Constitutions and Bylaws of UWKSSA, except as otherwise provided for a transitional period. Submitted to the UWKSSA by drafting members: Han (Yoonho) KIM, Heaji SHIN, Junhee LEE, Woonjo CHOI, Dongchan KIM, and Heemoon CHAE, and ratified by 2/3 vote of Student Section membership on August, 1, 2011.

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